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Wow this is fun…. Click on the links below:

Fangs Rule

Fangs Bite 

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Welcome to AMY MAH BLOG SITE, where you can find out all about Amy Mah, a very funny author who writes about her life as a modern teenage vampire trying to put up with both humans and her fellow vampires…

Amy has published a number of books through Reardon Publishing, and these are available on The links below will also help you to find them.

To view details about a book, click on the cover image.

To learn more about Amy, use the menu above or down the right hand side of the site.

Vampire Books (the Nightlife Series) by Amy Mah:

97818741924802014 Vampire

Other Titles by Amy Mah:

The “Body Swap” Series


“A Bad Hair Day” Series



Author: Amy Mah

Author and World Famous Vampire

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